Login to Black screen (2 sec)

Hi guys,

Tried XFCE again yesterday. After login in I see a black screen for about 2 seconds. Is it a normal behaviour?

Dell laptop, Intel HD620.

I recorded a short video: https://imgur.com/EfAIvep

Whoa, that video is a bit shaky :slight_smile:

To me, it just looks like the desktop is loading which is normal.


That’s how Sams’s autofocus works :selfie:

Well, okay. Maybe you know how to change an icon theme for slick-greeter? I would like to change the battery icon, but can’t do that. I tried to add icon-theme-name to conf - battery icon didn’t change.

I don’t have slick greeter running anywhere so I don’t know. I would create a new topic for that so someone who is more familiar with it will see the title.

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seems pretty normal to me in that video :+1:

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If you don’t like how that looks you might be able to use xrandr to create a fade-in effect. Check this post on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ManjaroLinux/comments/gqnngu/my_manjaro_xfce_setup_boot_is_so_satisfying/


Balck screen thing is pretty normal. If the black screen stays for more than 2 sec then that’s abnormal. :smiley:

Thanks, guys. :heart:

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