Log in issues

Updated the system this morning and reboot. login screen comes up I sign in and it flashes then goes right back to login screen can not get past this point


Can you tty Alt+fnF1 at login to access the terminal? Then people can ask you some additional infos.

Did you rather mean to post this?

That’s also in it. But yes. Even if they can’t log in, they can likely TTY and still send log (may need to use nmtui first)

Yes I have a TTY

Ok thought the other one, beach people, was more the be nice post… :grin:

Do you also know how he/she could check what packages were updated last, I assume it must be listed in the pacman log file.

Please provide:

inxi -FAZ --no-host | eos-sendlog


/var/log/pacman.log | eos-sendlog


First link doesn’t work returns error 404…

permission denied on the pacman log


it says /var/log/pacman.log command not found even with sudo


A sorry, probably adding cat before that should work.

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The first thing that comes to my mind is that I see hybrid graphics Intel/Nvidia and you use nouveau driver for Nvidia.

But since you arrive at the login screen must have something to do with login/display manager. Would have to dig through the forum but I have seen very recently such an issue in a post.

Are you using xfce or which DE or Wm?

Thanks! I don’t really know what I"m looking for on this one to be honest- I was just trying to get the pedigree stuff for those who are more capable than I.

I know there was some issue on light greeter recently which it could possibly be.

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This is the BSPWM version and I have the Openbox that did the same exact thing

The strange thing about it is I think it is actually running underneath the log in manager