Lock screen on Gnome 40

Using EOS + Gnome 40 for one week, great experience so far.
But I couldn’t figure out how to lock screen.
The Ctrl-Alt-L does not work, neither Super-L.

Do anyone know what’s missing?

Are you using GDM? Only works with GDM.



look in settings , keyboard ( shortcuts )

here my ( your may different )
Screenshot from 2021-05-26 18-19-50


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thank you, that did the trick.
the command to enable is:

sudo systemctl -f enable gdm

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It also works with lightdm.
What I did to make this work:

  1. Open settings, keyboard, shortcuts
  2. deactivate existing “lock screen”
  3. create own shortcut and name it as you want. Command line “dm-tool lock”, shortcut “Super + L” (or what you want).
  4. Maybe you have to install dm-tool with yay

In former times there was a toll called light-locker and a gui tool light-locker-settings to configure. Sadly it does not work any more (for me).

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