Lock profile icon in pavucontrol?

Curious about these lock icons. When I hover my cursor over it, it says ‘lock card to this profile’. Does this mean that of the multiple profiles available with the card, it will always choose the one you lock it to?

I ask because when you click the lock twice, it doesn’t change from a locked to an unlocked icon? I just see it bold. But then when I try to lock a second device’s profile, the bold disappears from the previous device. I’m a little confused.

There’s the odd time my Sound Blaster device changes from output to duplex mode and I want to stop this.

Yours is slightly different looking than myne however when I click the lock icon it shows me left and right channels.

Shift over to the configuration tab.

Interesting no lock on myne

Very interesting. Perhaps it behaves different on KDE? hmm

Yeah I don’t know why there would be much difference unless its a controller in your system. I will go and check it on my laptop that i just recently installed Cinnamon on and see if its different from the one I displayed from the desktop.

I just checked my Debian system and also my Asahi Fedora system and both have the locks.

All my systems run KDE.

Must be a KDE thing Its not showing on my Cinnamon either. :thinking:

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