Local Intranet Server Not Found using /etc/hosts file. Please Help?

I am new to EndeavourOS. I mainly use Fedora and Ubuntu. I thought I would give endeavouros a try. Everything is working great expect access my local intranet server. I have put the ip address and name in the /etc/hosts file but both Firefox and Chrome can’t find the server. Both Fedora and Ubuntu can access the server by name example https://<–servername–>.local. I have edited the /etc/hosts file and put “<–ip address–> <–servername>.local–>”.

Can anyone help me?

What error do you get from Chrome?
Can you ping your server by: ping ip.address ?
Can you ping your server by: ping servername ?
If you do in browser: http://ip.adresss it will work?
Did you reboot you PC after adding it?

Server Not Found Error on both Firefox and Chrome

yes, I can ping the ip address with no problems. It’s not a network problem. Firefox and Chrome is not using /etc/hosts file on EndeavourOS. Don’t know why?

you may want to set firewall to home in case you are at home… default is public.

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But I guess this is not the case. Hard to tell, as you didn’t provide all info.

Seeing as ping is working, you might get some useful pointers using curl (note the initial connection details in particular)?

curl -v https://<–servername–>.local