Liya Linux just mentioned on Distrowatch

This from the latest DW Weekly:
“Liya is an Arch Linux-based distriubution which offers Xfce and Cinnamon editions.”

Downloading it right now, with XFCE but at the moment the ISO is offered on Mega-dot-NZ. :open_mouth:

Never mind. Can’t download, what a stupid idea to put the download in such a backward file-sharing site! Firefox crashed and refused to retrieve a 3.5GiB file. So at least for me this distro will remain untested unless they offer it on Sourceforge or other sensible place. :frowning:

I’m not sure what sets this distro spin apart from several others that are almost like it. There are 26 other Arch based distros in Distrowatch’s site, and probably half dozen more.

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There’s one hell of a lot more than 26 or 32.

BTRFS (default),, Vivaldi?. No apparent support forum? Telegram and Discord, not for me at this point in time. I have zero interest in this one…

Copyright © Liya GNU/Linux 2021-22, this distribution was 
previously known with various names such as CarbonUI, AnitaOS etc
Liya 2023 includes Vivaldi, and while it may not 
be opened automatically on startup, the usage of Vivaldi 
requires an agreement to Vivaldi's Privacy Policy and EULA. 

why would any distro choose to use proprietary software?


Yikes! It better let me install into a prepared “ext4” partition or no go. And I planned to take off that browser in favor of a “better” one.

On neither one of those social-networking sites I’m permitted to have an account because I do not have a toy phone on me. Will not allow them and other people to spam and spy on me in that manner.

Oh well changing names regularly too, which means doubtfulness. Might have to pass this one by for its own good.

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Also the fact that it had been released in the past with other names and apparently didn’t get any “traction”…

Still, somebody has made an effort and that is commendable.

I had to take somebody else’s word for it. Otherwise I’m going to ignore this distro. Thank you for your responses here everybody! :+1:

Perhaps because not in all cases is the word proprietary a bad word. Vivaldi is a prime example. Far superior to Google, Brace, or Opera.

I would say that’s a matter of opinion. Brave is a much better browser to me than Vivaldi

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