LiveCode application not executable

Hi All,
I have installed Endeavour (XFCE) for the first time. All is fine so far, only one problem is making me open this topic and hope for a solution.

I have been using “LiveCode” (Info) on a different Arch based distribution, without any problem. However here in Endeavour the LiveCode Installer (Installer download) cannot be executed. “Allow this file to run as a program” under Permissions is checked. Double click on the file however does nothing.

Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong?

Perhaps you could run it from a terminal and observe the output.

Many thanks for your reply. Unfortunately nothing happens when I try to execute it from the terminal. Absolutely nothing, no output. :confused:

I am afraid I am not familiar with how to get this work.
Hopefully other users more familiar with this particular piece of software will chime in and assist you.
Best of luck!
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It “runs” for me, but:

Open a terminal, change directory to where the downloaded file is and

chmod +x <name-of-file>



Then proceed no further, because it fails :rofl: Maybe because I run wayland…?

Many thanks for the effort. Unfortunately nothing has changed - nothing happens. Nothing at all :sob:. I’m about to install a different Linux distribution alongside, to see if it runs there. On RebornOS (on a different machine) it runs with no problems.

So I have tried to run the program on three different distributions:

Manjaro: no problem, LiveCode installer executes
RebornOS: no problem, LiveCode installer executes
Arco: LiveCode installer executes but I got the same weird LiveCode message as @xircon

Well and Endeavour: nothing. No reaction.

Ran fine for me as well, although I got the same message as @xircon

Thanks for the feedback. I think there will be no solution for this.

may ask at their forum as this is not really a package… could be it is not working because of something is installed that is interfering… or the message is false detecting something…

This sure could be interesting, if they have an explanation.