LIVE ISO: "Update this app" hangs

Hi, after little distrohopping I’m going to make a fresh install of EOS. After booting to live environment “Welcome” app shows up and after selecting “Update this app” it disappears and never comes back. After that I’m also unable to open this app again from the menu.

Usually it was working like: I press “Update this app”, it disappears, after few seconds should be back no matter if it was actually updated or coming back with the same version.

I’m using fresh downloaded standard ISO “endeavouros-2021.02.03-x86_64.iso”. I tried to use different mirrors for download. Checksums and data validation (which Etcher do) is OK. I have stable internet connection in live environment as well.

Best regards :innocent:

You can start the app from terminal:

Normally you don’t have to update the app.

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I thought that I need :stuck_out_tongue: Just installed without even clicking on it and it rocks as always! Thanks! :slight_smile: