Live EOS Welcome yad issue

There seems to be an issue when hitting “Update this app” in the live cd for eos-welcome. After attempting to update it doesn’t come back. Starting from the cli shows this:

[liveuser@eos-2021.02.03 ~]$ eos-welcome 
/usr/bin/eos-welcome: line 1677: ProgressBarInit: command not found
/usr/bin/eos-welcome: line 1632: ProgressBar: command not found
/usr/bin/eos-welcome: line 1632: ProgressBar: command not found
/usr/bin/eos-welcome: line 1632: ProgressBar: command not found
/usr/bin/eos-welcome: line 1632: ProgressBar: command not found
/usr/bin/eos-welcome: line 1632: ProgressBar: command not found
/usr/bin/yad: /usr/lib/ version `GLIBC_2.33' not found (required by /usr/bin/yad)
/usr/bin/eos-welcome: line 1632: ProgressBar: command not found
/usr/bin/eos-welcome: line 1640: ProgressBarEnd: command not found
welcome exit code was: 1

I know there are some yad issues, wasn’t sure if you guys were aware of this.

this issue is caused by latest updates for yad, new version of welcome do not run with the older version on the last release ISO.


Just wondering - if there was an easy way to put endeavouros first in the live /etc/pacman.conf first?

I know - it’s a temporary glitch at worst, anyway - til the next ISO release… :grin:

I mean, you can just edit the file and move those lines above…

That being said, I am not sure it is a good idea for that to happen broadly. I suspect some people would be uncomfortable with overriding the Arch repos.

I am sure that those who could figure it out (!) would be OK - but how could we tell anyone?? Now - could the ‘just updated’ Welcome do the editing, and trigger the update, before running further???

Sorry @manuel :duck:

Why would you even need to do that?

Why not just install the package from the endeavouros repo? Wouldn’t that be a lot easier to explain to someone?

The explanation would take longer than can be contemplated - and for a temp problem only for those who try updating welcome.

The unexpected things that crop up in things you can’t change fast enough! I thnk this is a case “Don’t do that!” as a posted fix for those who encounter it - or starting the installer other than with Welcome…

Maybe I am not understanding the problem we are trying to solve for here but yay -S endeavouros/yad seems easier that any other option.

I think the primary problem is that this fix isn’t apparent for new users.

I am not the expert here but it seems like that would require shipping a new ISO. If you are going to go to that length, you might as well just include the working version of yad instead of a workaround.

Of course, it is also possible I am totally misunderstanding the problem here. Hopefully someone more familiar with the situation will add an opinion.

The issue is only for current ISO release, as changes on yad causing it, and we can not change it other than creating a new ISO.

Updating welcome on ISO do not do it currently, and also only if it is needed for anything, but the button seems to be attractive to us (Click me ! ) :smile:


Exactly this lol. People just love to click stuff

Perhaps an obvious warning on the page where people download the ISO until it’s fixed?

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The direct problem with using the update button is updated welcome uses a yad feature that requires a newer version of glibc than the ISO includes.

The update button is a bit controversial: sometimes it may help, sometimes it may cause issues (like this time).

Looks like the update button is too attractive! Usually it is not needed. But in some special cases it may be useful, e.g. for having a new feature that is created after an ISO release.

So, we must change its name and explanation, or consider removing the button.


I don’t know if this has to with the prob mentioned above, but I wanted to install eos on my desktop yesterday and was unable cause Calamares opened a terminal and stopped.
After this a new attempt crashed Calamares all the time.

^ This. The proper way to update the system is by running pacman -Syu from the terminal. The Welcome greeter should politely give that suggestion to the newbies, and not encourage bad habits like clicking on buttons to update. Absolutely ghastly! :grin:


I’m also starting to favor the removal of that button…


I’m pretty sure that a high percentage of people that click on it have no idea what it might do for them! There is enough functionality in Welcome without it, I would say…


You could also detect if you are on the ISO or not and show it conditionally.

I have some bash code that does that if it would be helpful.

Maybe as @dalto say’s have it hidden as a Calamares Updater function.