Little things that p*ss you off!

My phone turns itself on, after I have pressed the off button, if I breathe too heavily on it. I JUST TURNED YOU OFF Grrrrrrrr.

I bought a new pixel, with the long term aim of installing Graphene (or the other one my aged, befuddled brain cannot remember the name).

Press the power button = off, press the button again = on, it is not f’ing rocket science.

I feel for you, now are all the new pixel like that? Maybe a bad one?

Nah, the ones where you install GrapheneOS are totally fine.


I think all android phones are like that :frowning: It may be worse because I enabled face recognition on this one, but my last phone I turned it off (COVID, mask wearing and facial recog did not mix).

I just deleted my face (oops) and all it does is stop it unlocking, it still lights up the phone.

I’ve used both Calyx and Graphene and it’s not even close. Graphene makes Calyx feel like a college project.


Goolag missed your face so badly, it’s great that you’re willing to help them!

So Graphene is the one to go for?
And yes, it was Calyx I couldn’t remember the name of!

:edit: Can’t get on either of the websites as work have them blocked (they block the strangest things, but not GitHub/Gitlab - which I would block for security reasons) Wonders of the UK Health service :smiley: :smiley:

Following this thread as I was thinking of going with a new pixel 7. My other phone likely going EOL.

Yes. Imo Graphene is much better. I love it.

I’m on a pixel 6.

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If you can, you might want to consider Pixel 8 series. It comes with 7 years of platform updates (all the way to Android 21) and security updates from Google and probably some more years with extended support from Calyx or Graphene.

You could get original parts for it as well if it will need some repair, at least if you live in US. Though I haven’t looked into this that much.

I wanted something more “main stream” I have an Oppo Reno Z, nice phone, but cannot install custom anything and it is 3-4 years old. I chose the pixel due to it being “supported” by a few projects, so I looked at it as a long term investment.

It is a nice phone, much more compact than the Oppo (this is not a Pro). It is not noticeably faster than the oppo and I very rarely take photos (except labels I can’t read!! :eyeglasses: and my thumb), so cannot say if it is a good camera.

I bought a used pixel 4a and going to install LineageOS on it, without any Google services that is ironically hah

I have successfully did that with a few Samsung phones (S3, S4 and S5) and i like it.

I never tried GrapheneOS, comparable with LineageOS?

I never had a pixel but all my other phones I used LineageOS.

Lineage is the new name for CyanogenMod? Haven’t used that in years.

I have a pixel 6? Any down sides with graphene on day to day stuff when switching over to the other side?

Depends on your use case. I had a Pixel 6 with GOS for a few years and the only quirks I ran into were mostly fixed by updates later on.

I will say the Android Auto not working was a bit annoying but that’s coming with the next release. The backup and restore features are less than stellar; it was unnecessarily difficult migrating my pixel 6 to my pixel 8.

Here are some resources for the pixel 6 specifically:
Pixel 6 tag
Is the Pixel 6 Still Good (This has more to do with the phone itself and less about the OS)


The only thing I can’t sand box into working is Android Auto.

But on their Twitter or x or whatever, they are releasing it beta very very soon so even that could work here soon too.

Otherwise, nothing is missing.

I even have work emails on a separate user account. And just g board and the great pixel camera software with no internet access so I can still use cool things Google actually has made.


If you decide to go for it, hit me up if you need a suggestion or question. It seems there’s more than a few of us, maybe we’ll start an unofficial Endeavour Graphene chat/thread


Might be a good idea. It’s funny, the first time I used the online installer I was blown away at how easy it was. The whole time I was so paranoid I was going to brick my phone lol.

Me too. I could not believe how simple it is. Literally anyone can setup Graphene, even a very normal not computer person. Just click and follow directions