Linux won't open after screen lock

So when I lock my Linux EndeavourOs (Gnome) screen sometimes the screen goes black and nothing works. I have to keep restarting my laptop which results in the loss of any files (unsaved) or applications that were running. This occurs when I leave my laptop unattended for 1-2 minutes. What could the problem be?

Does the system freeze up?

If not, when it happens change to tty2 (Ctrl+Alt+F2), login and check the logs.

If so are there any log entries that help on reboot?

You could increase the timeout interval for automatic screen locking, or disable it altogether, at least until you work out what the issue is.

I just found out that my Laptop is suspened somehow even though I only lock it.

I fixed the problem. It was due to the power saving behavior that was set to “Suspend”.

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