do we have comrades, who use a non-android linux phone? UT, SFOS …

What do you think about the Librem5 or Pinephone projects?

I have an Xperia X with SFOS as daily driver by the way. :grinning:

Right now I’m using an Android-Device. It’s a phone from the company I work at, so no way to unlock it and put anything else on it. Maybe I can choose the next phone myself (working on it) and then SFOS would be on top of the list.
Generally I think it’s important that there are other options then “the big two” and every user supporting that deserves respect. :blush:
One concern I have is that my banking app isn’t available for those OSes. Of course I can do my online banking on the laptop but to confirm any transfer you have to enter a PIN in the smartphone app. :unamused: Do you have any missing apps you want for SFOS for example?


sorry for the delay. During the week I dont have much time at the moment.

First of all you have to say, that using SFOS is just fun. It looks good and all this swiping is just fun.

Most of the time you get around somehow. I wouldnt use it without Android Support. I dont use many Android Apps but for me Threema, Whatsapp has to work on phone. Thats just the cruel reality.

One the biggest problems so far in my opinion - and my other users - is the browser. It is just outdated. They have to do something about it, because it would brigde a little bit the app gap SFOS has.

Banking I think is a bit complicated. On the Xx is doesnt work because the banking apps think the device is rooted, but I have heard the “new” AD support of the XA2 is different. At least some banking apps work on that. To be sure you should ask around before you get one. I use chipTAN with a little TAN generator. That works fine for me.

That’s the thing that also keeps me from considering it, over here in The Netherlands Whatsapp has almost replaced SMS, everyone is using it.

Threema and WA work fine. Problematic are those apps which need google play services. Those dont work or work just partly.

I use an Xperia X with SFOS as well. I have used a Jolla and a Jolla C, before this. The only issue I have is that Alien Dalvik is at Android 4.4.4. Recently my bank app was updated, unfortunately requiring Android 5 as a minimum.
Also the drivers for the camera are not as good as they would be on Android.

Whatsapp is not used widely here in the USA. We still use sms/mms and are waiting patiently impatiently on RCS.

I think the picture quality on the XA2 and X10 is better than on the X and they have the AD Version 8.1.

Sadly Jolla did not finish the X port. No kernel update, no AD update, no nfc.

I got another X from my brother last weekend on which I will try the UT port. :slight_smile:

Manjaro enters the phone game as well

Manjaro ARM Alpha1 for PinePhone!

Meanwhile the first batches of the PP are delivered and the first 3gb 32gb Upgrade is available.

Someone has jumped on the Linux-Mobile-World Train yet?

July Update

Please see the below tech news

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I am curious if we will see EOS arm on phones one day. :heart_eyes: