Linux-lts 6.1.39 is old. Why?

I am wondering why linux-lts is still on version 6.1.39. This is 3 version behind which is currently on 6.1.42.

Is this due to a bug in newer lts versions? I can not find any hint for that. No linux-lts in testing.
Is this due to vacation of the maintainer? But then, why was there a new package revision 6.1.39-2 yesterday?

the update yesterday can be explained by looking at the changes

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I understand the update from yesterday. The package update yesterday is a proof that the maintainer is not on vacation.

My question is: Why did the maintainer update 6.1.39 instead of building a newer kernel package with version 6.1.4[012]? And to be more precise: Is something wrong with kernel versions 6.1.4[012]?

look at the link.
It was a rebuild due to the GCC update done by the gcc maintainer. The linux-lts maintainer himself hasn’t done anything with the package in 2 weeks and the last update he did was to .39 on July 19

I understand your frustration, Arch apparently has no real takeover mechanisms in place for cases where one maintainer can’t update packages. It happened to the linux and linux-zen packages 2 times in the last 4 years where there were no updates for 3 to 4 weeks. I also made a topic here because of the long delay and was just told to “be patient” - in the specific case, the maintainer was offline due to a huge flood in the Ahrtal, Germany that wrecked whole villages and cities and apparantly no one at Arch wanted to take over the maintenance of such an essential thing like the kernel package …


Dont get me wrong. I am not frustrated. I am compiling my own linux-tkg kernel for 6.1 lts versions. I am simply afraid that I am missing a severe bug in the 6.1.4x kernels which made the arch maintainer stop providing those kernels.

when you click on the lts maintainers name in gitlab, you can see his activity in the Arch gitlab.

he hasn’t done anything on Arch for the last two weeks with the last acitivity being on July 20, 9:52PM - he simply seems to be offline for unknown reasons. A bug in the kernel as the cause seems extremly unlikely


Maybe he is enjoying some holidays and an updated kernel will be available soon?

Who knows? :slight_smile:


of course he can, everyone deserves holidays and days off. Thats definitely not the problem. The yet again appearing problem is this:

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Manjaro has 6.1.42 kernel, so it seems there are no bugs present.

v6.1.39-2 just hit the repos, v6.1.39-3 is in ‘testing’.

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No bugs in Manjaro? :thinking: :joy: