Linux lovers and rock

I’ve long noticed that many Linux fans love rock and even music at all. I’m no exception myself. What do you think about this?

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Well - the correlations may lead one all sorts of places! The mindset is perhaps a bit misleading (not liking angst-driven rock here, for instance) - could it be as simple as an over-supply of older (smarter?) users?

(ducking and running)


I don’t know, I haven’t thought about that yet. It may also be true to say here that everything is connected to everything.

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Of course, my original ‘comment’ didn’t allow for certain younger Linux fans…

Did you know that the lead dev on the Ubuntu Unity release is perhaps 11 years old? No information known about his listening habits, though :grin:

Wow. I had no clue. I assumed most linux users were grumpy old guys like me (no offense to anybody), rocking out to old school rock. I forget there’s such a wide variety of people out there, especially since I can’t get “out there” much anymore due to the virus.

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The same goes for the Ubuntu Cinnamon lead, he’s also a kid (litterally).

I didn’t know that, but I’m not surprised, anything can happen these days. He must be a rocker. :slight_smile: Is Unity still under development?

I think everyone is young because rock is eternal.

I’d say people who use Linux are more likely to pick their own path and thus not follow the masses. If this is a characteristic you posses, you’re also more likely to like non-mainstream music. When Tux was just a baby penguin, rock was such an alternative, not mainstream choice.

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Yes, there is some truth in this. Already if we don’t put rock in the main stream.

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What is this? Never heard or read the term before. As I like Rock and Metal (as one might now by my postings in the music thread) I know quite a bit about these genres but that is new to me. I wonder if it is the german word Angst, which means fear.

I haven’t even heard of it, even though I love rock. Metal is not so much my favorite. I prefer classic hard rock.

I meant more in the ‘let’s destroy it because it doesn’t work for me’ mindset that is found in some genres. I prefer to have the problems pointed out, and maybe improvements suggested! Jes’ saying…

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