Linux laptops

maybe it could be useful to list the companies that offer PCs with Linux pre-installed, I know these ones: Holland Germany USA

do you know other ones? :slight_smile:

Lenovo will have some very soon.

1 Like is another major one. even though they only have a couple models (and all arm) know nothing about them beyond they sell linux machines not my cup of tea, but whatever…

Of the major OEM’s, Dell & Lenovo offer at least a decent quantity with linux.

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Given they specialize in exactly the models Lenovo will soon be offering it on natively, do you know anything about them and if they have any plans on changing anything?

I’d love to buy a System 76 Laptop, but given that I’m Swedish and write a lot in said language, I can’t buy a laptop without the right keyboard set up, so no deal there.

On the other hand, I’ve saved a lot of money buying used laptops and then refurbished and upgraded them. I’ts a lot of fun too. :slight_smile:

I used to enjoy that a ton as well. Sadly, as we advance, it becomes less and less you can do of that. Processors are are all soldered since 5th generation core, most of the smaller laptops now have soldered memory, some even have soldered wireless cards.

I have also this keyboard “problem”
I’m Italian and I would like to buy a laptop with Italian keyboard :slight_smile:

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Just days ago, I thought about the increase in the number of companies offering Linux machines. Itt egy másik.

That is actually the same place as

They are both branded storefronts from

I have been thinking about this for a long time. For example, is it worth buying such a Linux-based tablet?

It kind of depends on your usage. If you want google apps running; no way.

Browsing the web, listening to music, spotify et.c, then you’re ok.

I think it’s a good idea, but know what you’re getting in to. For me it’s a no go, because children, and they “want’s them there apps”.

What Google applications did you think of that could be forgotten? Anyway, I pretty much agree with what you describe. Indeed, I was thinking only of general use. Another question: what are the additional benefits of a Linux tablet over an Ipad over the price?

Here’s a one character answer…


Applies over Android too!

CUSTOMIZATION!! This is and was my major reason for disliking the apple cult. Too regimented and “you must do things our way” for me.

Customizability is really a big advantage. What about hardware stability?

I mean, that’s not really an advantage for either IMO. They’re both going to have hardware that is long since heavily tested. While the Apple might have NEWER generation hardware than most any tablets that you can get linux on natively, it’s not like they’re reinventing the wheel with most generations of hardware. It’s minor incremental improvements on a very, very, very well tested platform.

I was referring to the App Store. :slight_smile:

if you dont want to customize and have control over your system then no.

On the note of “hardware stability” what do you mean exactly? if a system is well designed it doesnt matter if it has linux, bsd, windows, ios, etc. your hardware will be fine unless you try to use unsupported things. Try using an old Madi card on windows for instance and youll be in for a world of hurt.

If you have to ask what the advantage is or need convincing in some way then a linux tablet is not for you. Id honestly just get a rootable android device and install lineage with microg if you want to degoogle and have just a general usage machine.

on the not of linux laptops, my Dell m6600 has been pretty amazing. You can get the Precision 6600,6700,and 6800 or the 15in equivalents for good prices these days and theyre nice machines with upgradeable GPUs (the 6800 being able to use a gtx1070/1080 if i remember right). I have an firepro m6100 currently but am looking at an m290x in the future as my mobile gaming expectations are only 720p medium.