Linux laptop with external keyboard

Hello everybody,

I would like to mention a problem I encounter , not just I faced with endeavouros but also Pop_os. Linux laptop with external keyboard. When my laptop was Win10 my super key was working but both endavouros and pop_os failed to run both super key and ctrl key in external keyboard. They work in laptop keyboard.
I could not encounter any fruitful solution in the net and pop_os forum. Using the external keyboard is a need for me.
I tried to solve issue by arch wiki, multiple keyboard section but since I am a newbie, I could not. Is there anybody lived the same problem and managed to solve?
Thank you and have a good day

It makes me wonder how your laptop keyboard was working at all. What you describe is a known problem with some DEs and I tend to believe it’s not a hardware issue.

I have a fix in place on my machine for this, but I can’t remember what it is. You could search the internet for “Super key shortcuts Linux”.

Assuming you’re running an X session rather than Wayland, run xev (from the xorg-xev package) in a terminal and see whether the key input is detected.

What specifically have you tried from the wiki so someone else doesn’t suggest the same thing?

I checked with xev, both of my alt and ctrl are taken input as left shift, and my super key is not detected. Again my laptop keyboard is working fine.
I tried to solve issue by looking multiple keyboard section and maybe I can change the keybindings by somehow, but seems like It couldnt detected.

This really does sound like a hardware issue.

You might also try connecting the keyboard to a different USB port.

I solved to problem and would like to convey this to the topic. In the end of my investigation I understand that the problem is about the chip of my keyboard. Not and hardware but compability issue with linux. THank you everybody for help