Linux is getting promoted in Romania

Looks like it’s getting a bit more attention in Romania. That’s nice!


Wasn’t it always a thing in there?

Romania is known for a lot of skilled hackers…I assume they’re not on Windows 10 usually :cowboy_hat_face:

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I wish it was like that. When i was in high school, our computers ran windows 7. Linux is not very known to the average consumer, or schools in general. Can you just imagine if everything (from hospital tools to school computers for coding classes) ran linux?


Yeah…for most of the world this is still a dream for some reason, a lot of things like that running on those insane Win 10 which is legit scary (Win 7 ain’t that bad even when outdated :laughing:).

One of the most progressive countries in that sense which actively encourage Linux in schools etc is India, according to some of our users - good for them! :partying_face:

Hopefully people will wise up all around the World to use Linux in mission critical enviroments at least :slight_smile:

P.S. Gobble Gobble!!! :turkey:


Just saying, many of the “modern medical computers” run windows xp/vista/98. I know this is happening in Romania, but i am not sure of the rest of the countries. Let’s hope many Romanian people switch to Linux (I don’t think it will happen real soon as most of the schools/faculties/universities are getting promoted by Microsoft)

Gobble gobble

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Promotion is always good… More souls on Linux creates a Market atleast to work nicely on linux :slight_smile:

as it become more common you have always ying and yang part of the story offcourse.


I agree. The thing about us Romanians is that we are way to used with stuff that other people use. For example, we think that Ms Office is the best even though it has trackers, spyware and sometimes it’s just a pain to use than what LibreOffice offers. Or Windows, known for the best OS ever even though it has spyware and worser performance than Linux by default(however if you tweak it you can get some great performance out of windows, but still). In a nutshell, we just think that x is better, while y is worser only from rumors instead of actually trying it. Not only this but we are also forced to use x instead of y because of either companies or schools.
But yes, i really hope more people, especially youtubers, promote Linux more and more. It’s fantastic OS that is getting bad facts from rumors. Gobble gobble

just a fact is, its about the money always…and some loby thats mostly the issue…if europe setup some standards that MS should work with and be compatible proper with other package like libre office or onlyoffice … then is more working on the markets… but there are no proper standards and a bad compatibility of those standards thats makes it hard to use open source software generally.


Exactly. If consumers just use these alternatives, the world would be such a good place. Lucky me that most of my projects are about Linux. Can’t wait to corrupt my classmates and teachers :turkey:

When I was discovering the world of Linux a few years ago I read some promotion for Ubuntu that Paris’s (or was it whole France?) police completely switched from Windows to Ubuntu. Sadly they didn’t mention how it correlated with crime rate but I think it would be a nice statistical correlation. :grinning:

Personally I consider migrating to Ubuntu a crime in it self, but that’s just me. :rofl:


I think Linux needs promoting globally, but there’s no one to advertise for it.

I mean, we should actually encourage people to use ubuntu. After that, newcomers will also discover more distros and thus make their own decision regarding where should they go. Just my 2 cents

Now we’re OT, but my beef lies with Canonical, and not the users. In my opinion they act like “Mcrs*ft light”, and is therefore the least appropriate alternative for a new Linux user. Mint, Pop!, Deepin, KDE Neon, would be better “beginners distros”, and by far more user friendly.

It would be a sad thing having them stay on that distro, or reverting back to Wndws, thinking all distros are alike.

Actually developers pushing fast but thats a goal :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: for starters its ok other distros mayby more experienxed computing

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Also, In Romania is it absolute norm to buy your computer without Windows, usually it’s FreeDOS.
Most will install Windows, but also more and more install Linux.
And yes, the politechnical and software engineer crowds are totally a good portion of young students…which makes them prone to try new OSs, to tinker and discover new horizons.
Kudos to Linux Romanian Community!