Linux Inside - Kernel Internals

Not for everyone, but this is really good stuff.
Very technical. Explains the boot process from the moment you hit the power button. BIOS routine, bootloader, kernel pre-setup etc.
The more you know about Assembler and C, the better.


I’m not ready for that captain!! :rocket:

P.S. GitBook is pretty damn cool for laying out complex knowledge in fashionable way, if you remember some wiki discussions on Manjaro forums that’s pretty much what i intended :upside_down_face:


I’ve read through most of it, and while I’m far from understanding everything, it didn’t prevent me from continuing.
It gives you a glimpse of understanding the finer inner workings of your (x86) computer, you just have to be interested in it :wink:


Without interest there is no learning. :grin: