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Aaaand TKG is on it again! :frog:

wine-tkg and proton-tkg 5.18.r3.g9acfa3b8

Shipped with latest vkd3d btw :slight_smile:

is this something like Glorious Egg Roll?

Check comparison table

Pretty much yes, but GE is…even MORE patched :laughing:
For good or for worse - your choice :slight_smile:

Well Proton-5.9-GE-4ST was the trick to get Borderlands 3 running here…

Before that I would get random game-breaking bugs.
Strangely enough the newer Proton-5.9-GE-6ST doesn’t play nice with Borderlands 3 anymore :thinking:

Might give it a go with TKG, and see how it goes

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You will see that. Each release changes for different reasons. I have 3, 4, 5, and 6 installed depending on the game I am trying to launch.


That’s why i recommend in this guide to use non-system Wine / Proton versions and keep the one that works for games that have some trouble :slight_smile:

Usually all games work like charm with wine-staging, in rare cases you need GE / TKG until it’s patched in wine-staging / dxvk / vkd3d.

So think of GE / TKG as experimental bleeding edge stuff, which may help you run newest games, fix some bugs etc :yum:

Well…And for Steam it’s obviously way ahead of normal Porton, which have some longer cycle of release


I should probably take a closer look at your guide, instead of doing stuff first, and troubleshooting later :sweat_smile:


Highly recommended - a lot of current best practices summarized in there… :slight_smile:

Hopefully i’ll get back to add / edit this guide again soon!


Nvidia are adding Vulkan support to their new cards which is good news (if you can get a card :rofl:)


GloriousEggroll Proton-5.9-GE-7-ST got updated! :space_invader:

Release summary

This release just has a butt ton of game fixes. Some full, some partial. Some important notes are that a workaround has been found for multiplayer desync in some games (SUCH AS MK11 AND AGE OF EMPIRES II:DE !!!).Yes, that’s right, MK11 multiplayer finally works, -and- renders correctly as far as I could tell. If you know of other games that have desyncing with multiplayer, they will likely need the custom vcrun2019_ge winetricks verb I’ve added to protonfixes. Also it’s highly recommended to update your graphics drivers for games such as HZD, Death Stranding, Serious Sam 4. AMD users mesa-git, Nvidia users 455.23.04 beta.

So let’s get down to the fixes:

  • Path of Exile protonfix modified for native dxgi - fixes using wrong gpu on igpu+dgpu systems
  • Path of Exile waitforpreload and garbage collection launch options removed from protonfix
  • Mafia:DE and Mafia:II DE protonfixes added - both fully playable now
  • Age of Empires II: DE protonfix added - fixes online multiplayer desync
  • Mortal Kombat 11 protonfix added - fixes online multiplayer desync
  • Monster Hunter World protonfix added to auto-enable seccomp (necessary as of latest update)
  • Endless Space 2 Fixed incorrect video color
  • Saints Row 2 protonfix added which allows menu, cutscene, and in-game audio to work
  • Bloons TD6 missing wbemprox patch added to make Bloons TD6 devs happier: ValveSoftware#2330 (comment)
  • Marvel Avengers patches and protonfix added to allow game to run - note this is still very buggy:
    – dx12 does not work, so dx11 is forced
    – dx11 is not intended to be used in this game, however it has dx11 functionality built in
    – there are graphical glitches currently in the dx11 renderer
    – there are still random crashes
  • Serious Sam 4 protonfix added to force to run on Vulkan - important notes:
    – the game still does not launch on nvidia, no matter what API is used (vulkan,d3d12,d3d11)
    – on RADV and AMDVLK, there is a bad texture flicker, noted here:
  • vkd3d-proton updated to temporarily use’s fork of vkd3d-proton for the vram workaround for Horizon Zero Dawn- notes:
    – This build is temporarily using’s fork of vkd3d-proton for the vram workaround for Horizon Zero Dawn. A proper fix for horizon zero dawn running out of vram has not yet been found, however this should allow the game to not crash within short time periods. Details here: HansKristian-Work/vkd3d-proton#266 (comment)
    – for nvidia, nvidia beta driver 455.23.04 fixes the floating objects in horizon zero dawn
    – for amd, mesa 20.1.9 or higher fixes various graphical issues
  • vulkan patches updated in wine through current git (5.19) and some deprecated proton patches removed. This seems to also allow the vsync option in HZD to not break the game, and seems to run overall smoother in some vulkan native titles (Doom Eternal, SS4, Path of Exile)
  • mfplat, quartz, gstreamer patches update in wine through current git (5.19)
  • dxvk updated
  • faudio updated

Wine 5.19 Released

What’s new in this release (see below for details):

  • Wine Mono engine updated to 5.1.1, with WPF text formatting support.
  • KERNEL32 library converted to PE.
  • DSS cryptographic provider.
  • Windowing support in the new console host.
  • A number of exception handling fixes.
  • Various bug fixes.


Bugs fixed in 5.19 (total 27):
15437 Multiple programs using madCodeHook crash (in-memory PE image of Wine builtins vs. ELF image on disk)
29926 Multiple games need IDirectDrawStreamSample::Update() (Beach Life, The Sims Complete Collection, Risk II, Earth 2150, Need for Russia)
31342 Multiple applications need msvcirt.dll.??0ofstream@@QAE@XZ (Trespasser, Max Payne 1, 3Dmark1999 MAX, 3Dmark2000, 3Dmark2001 SE, GraphCalc, Charon)
39123 Fairy Fencer F depends on NtQuerySystemInformation(SYSTEM_INTERRUPT_INFORMATION) volatility for random number generation
45090 (nearly) every test shows a leak in kernel32/{console,term}.c
45331 Exile: Escape From the Pit crashes after splash screen
45400 eden* (VN) some font characters display with the wrong glyph (capitals/spaces)
45489 World of Warcraft needs GetRawInputBuffer
46588 Cegid Business Line installer fails in custom script action installing “BLJNR.MSI” component.
48529 Avencast: Rise of the Mage fails to launch
49172 Always true condition code > 0xffff in vbscript/global.c
49367 1971 Project Helios shows a black screen
49470 Silent Hill 4 crashes when a person is suppose to scream.
49549 winetricks -q dotnet45 leaves dozens of mscorsvw.exe processes
49586 valgrind shows a leak in dlls/ntdll/env.c:set_wow64_environment()
49659 Multiple games crash on launch (Mahjong Titans, Resident Evil HD Remaster, Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster)
49857 NCLauncher2: Crypto error on a successful login
49873 Warzone 2100 crashes on unimplemented function api-ms-win-crt-convert-l1-1-0.dll.strtold
49894 Regression in “kernelbase: Use conhost to handle Unix consoles.”
[Regression] Steam fails to load pages
49899 Multiple games need IDirectDrawMediaStream::NewSegment() implementation (The Sims Complete Collection, Earth 2150, Beach Life, Risk II, Need for Russia)
49906 Fallout New Vegas: broken gog installation
49909 Win Toolkit v. (.NET 3.5 app) crashes with wine-mono
49911 Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO 64-bit version crashes with builtin xactengine3_7
49924 IP address control does not focus its fields on focus change
49929 Game for Windows Live installer fails with ‘winetricks -q gfw’
49946 Themida-packed application crashing on multi-hop import forward

wine-tkg and proton-tkg 5.19.r1.gb49e8743



GloriousEggroll Proton-5.9-GE-8-ST got updated! :space_invader:


Ok, so I found yet a few more important fixes… so I went ahead and just said screw it and took yesterdays update and added it on to today’s release to make people more aware. This build should be used as its basically a bunch of hotfixes on top of GE-7-ST.

  • winetricks is now fully integrated into the build, which means no more relying on the winetricks package of whatever system it’s running on, and no more failing without any notice if it’s not installed on the system

  • Death Stranding working again (found the issue that broke it in GE-5-ST, it was a woopsie on my part).

  • Death Stranding Red Halo and issue fixed

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 DX11 crash fixed

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 will now ask you if you want to use Vulkan (No=DX11)

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 still requires AMDVLK on AMD if you want to use Vulkan, DX11 works fine.

  • Serious Sam 4 will now ask you if you want to use Vulkan (No=DX11)

  • Serious Sam 4 Nvidia still crashes in-game with Vulkan. DX11 works fine.

  • Serious Sam 4 flicker workaround found and applied.

  • Halo: MCC – vcrun2019 fix applied – should fix coop campaign multiplayer desync

  • Just Cause 4 patches backported – game works now

  • Watch Dogs 2 eac launcher and nosplash options added to protonfix

  • Soul Calibur VI – I found out the game actually works but you need to ‘press any button’ before the ‘press any button’ audio finishes, or it will freeze.

  • vkd3d has been updated – Horizon Zero Dawn fullscreen mode should be fixed now.

  • dxvk was updated with the latest release which fixes some previous major crash issues.


I know this is on Fedora but still think its quite interesting. Comparing games on wayland vs xorg


I’ve heard results vary a lot on Wayland depending on DE / compositor too

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I wonder what that means say i3 xorg versus sway wayland. All things being equal looks like xorg is on top.

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Proton 5.13-1

  • Newly playable games include:
    • Red Dead Redemption 2
    • Horizon Zero Dawn
    • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes
    • Final Fantasy XV
    • Sea of Thieves
    • Star Wars: Battlefront II
    • Call of Duty: WWII
    • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
    • Asssassin’s Creed: Rogue
    • Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
    • South Park: The Fractured But Whole
    • DiRT Rally 2
    • Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition
    • Age of Empires III
    • Dragon Quest Builders 2
    • Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation
    • Tron 2.0
    • AO Tennis 2
    • Fight’N Rage
    • Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries
  • Improved Steam client integration, which fixes many Call of Duty titles as well as Spelunky 2, Torchlight III, Path of Exile, and RPG Maker MZ.
  • Beginnings of real support for all types of video playback. Games that use older video libraries should start working with this build. We are working on improving support for newer video libraries.
  • Improved support for systems with multiple monitors.
  • Improvements to audio playback in Halo 3, Beyond: Two Souls and Tomb Raider 2.
  • Improvements to rFactor 2 multiplayer and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer.
  • Fixed text rendering in SD GUNDAM G GENERATION CROSS RAYS.
  • Updated Wine to version 5.13. 256 changes in Proton 5.0 were either upstreamed or are no longer needed.
  • Updated DXVK to v1.7.2.
  • Updated FAudio to 20.10.
  • Updated to latest vkd3d-proton.
  • Built against the next generation of the Steam Linux Runtime.
  • Notes for users who build Proton:
    • This branch has new submodules. Please use git submodule update --init --recursive when updating.
    • The build system now depends on being able to build Rust code.
    • If you use the Vagrant VM, you will need to destroy and rebuild it.

Welp that pretty much makes every game in my library playable :laughing:


There’s a script here for checking if your Glorious Egg roll is up to date and installing as necessary:


Wine 5.20 Released

What’s new in this release (see below for details):

  • More work on the DSS cryptographic provider.
  • A number of fixes for windowless RichEdit.
  • Support for FLS callbacks.
  • Window resizing in the new console host.
  • Various bug fixes.


Bugs fixed in 5.20 (total 36):

14640 Multiple OpenGL applications and games fail at ChoosePixelFormat/SetPixelFormat (Lazarus, Counterclockwise, USI T3 emulator)
30364 X3 Reunion hangs at start
33392 .NET Framework 4.0 installer misreports disk space if not enough disk space available ‘Drive C: Required - 64u MB, Available - 64u MB’ (‘FormatMessageA/W’ needs to support I64)
34558 Multiple applications and games wrapped with ASProtect 1.x-2.x protection scheme fail to start after registration (Farm Frenzy 2, Alawar, FL Studio 11.x VSTi ‘Slayer2’ plugin, FORScan)
35694 Serena hits deadlock on exit
35744 LabChart Reader 8 installer ends prematurely (VBScript support for class default sub missing)
36873 Multiple games have non-functional mouse input, invisible mouse cursor (Chronology, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord)
39297 kernel32.IsValidCodePage and friends don’t support code page 708.
46950 UFOHD2 crashes when trying to open camera preview
47771 Multiple games have broken mouse movement (Alan Wake, Hard Reset, Battlefield 3, Watch Dogs, Sniper Elite V2 Remastered)
47906 Alice Madness Return crashes
48336 Applications using MS ADO require Recordset Connect to be implemented (Enterprise Architect, Brickcom CMS client)
48717 Saints Row 2 needs xactengine3_2.dll
49012 Application build with .NET CoreRT crashes due to FLS callbacks not being called
49044 CPU-Z 1.92 crashing on startup
49450 Adobe Shockwave Player 11.x plugin installer fails with jscript:cc_parser_parse ‘&&’ expression not implemented
49529 5.12 regression: Wine segfaults if the +heap debug channel is enabled
49661 Red Evil:black screen in game.
49673 Backpacker 3:Americana:unhandled exception
49679 Visual Studio 98 and Visual Basic 6 installers hang
49808 Stellaris loads very slowly
49814 FreeBSD 12.1 undebuggable crash on startup (regression)
49821 Seismobuild crashes at start
49860 Dungeons & Dragons Online 64bit client fails to start in wine-5.16, 5.17, 5.18
49904 all wine processes show a definite leak in load_libwine()
49950 d3d10:reflection tests crash
49960 The Sims Complete Collection is stuck on playing intro
49966 powershell_ise.exe fails with Unhandled Exception: System.NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented. at System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowEx
49982 A ‘(call )’ line does not reset %ERRORLEVEL% to 0
49997 Capella no yakusoku: Game doesn’t start (black screen)
50000 Wineconsole crashes on F8
50004 Python script hangs when pipe IPC is used
50008 Metro Exodus fails to launch since commit fde5967f725624c5ee4995dcbe22f262979c5c9c
50016 PS Remote Play can’t install: “To use PS Remote Play, update your PC’s OS to the latest version, and then install the Media Feature Pack from Microsoft.”
50020 mf:mf tests crash on Windows 7
50025 Cannot run Line (chat app) on Wine


Wine 5.21 Released

What’s new in this release (see below for details):

  • GDI32 library converted to PE.
  • More fixes for windowless RichEdit.
  • A number of timezone updates.
  • Various bug fixes.


Bugs fixed in 5.21 (total 24):

22797 ‘Sample1_DLLEmbedding’ example from BoxedApp SDK v3.3.x (native API application virtualization scheme) crashes (needs hookable NtXXXSection API entries / NT syscalls)
25834 Adobe Reader X and XI cannot open in Protected Mode due to advapi32.dll CreateRestrictedToken being a stub
33072 dxdiag: can’t retrieve network info
33162 Acrobat Reader 11 crashes on start (native API application virtualization, NtProtectVirtualMemory removes execute page protection on its own code)
45349 Multiple applications and games crash due to missing support for 64-bit syscall thunks (StreetFighter V, World of Warcraft)
45550 League of Legends 8.15+ anticheat fails due to incorrect implementation of NtQuerySystemInformation(SystemModuleInformation)
45666 Multiple Riot Games’ anti-cheat / protection schemes need implementation of NtQuerySystemInformation ‘SystemModuleInformationEx’ info class (League of Legends 8.15+, Valorant/Vanguard)
46373 Unknown game crashes in unimplemented function msvcr80.dll._strnset_s in 1.6.2
46870 League of Legends 8.12+ fails to start a game in Vista+ mode (anticheat engine, SystemExtendedProcessInformation)
46967 GOG Galaxy doesn’t run in virtual desktop
48203 Far Manager 3 broken appearance
48204 Wineconsole running Far File Manager 3 crashes as soon as you try to resize its window
48715 A Wolf RPG game freezes on map transition
49298 Path of Exile crashes when switching to Vulkan Renderer on RADV. Switching works in proton.
49449 Terraria Mobile Server (.NET 4.x) crashes with System.NotImplementedException NATUPNPLib.IUPnPNAT.get_StaticPortMappingCollection()
49610 mu online crashes after login
49739 Microsoft Flight Simulator needs netutils.dll and srvcli.dll
49785 Linking of some objects sometimes fails with undefined reference to windowscodecs GUIDs
49813 Implement debugging feedback extensions (VK_EXT_debug_utils/VK_EXT_debug_report) to forward data to Linux impl
50038 IWbemClassObject::Get method with wszName = NULL crashes inside wbemprox
50039 Wine 5.18+ fails build on Ubuntu 18.04 with Makefile symbolic link
50049 Fallout 76 opens black screen then crashes on start
50050 Wine 5.20 build fails on Ubuntu 16.04
50077 .NET 3.5SP1 installer depends on PEB->Reserved[1] / AtlThunkSListPtr32 being 0 or 1


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GloriousEggroll Proton-5.21-GE-1 got updated! :space_invader:


HOTFIX 11/17/2020:

  • Updated vcrun2019_ge verb – fixes invalid sha256sum
  • Updated FAudio – contains fixes for audio in Watch Dogs (1) and Far Cry Primal

Game Fixes:

  • Wine esync+fsync rebased onto current wine 5.21 upstream git.
  • The Outer Worlds should be fully playable
  • Serious Sam 4 flicker has been fixed, Launching Vulkan on Nvidia also fixed. Vulkan should now work on NV and AMD.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator now working
  • Ghostrunner should be fully playable
  • CoD: WWII + Multiplayer + Zombies should be fully playable
  • CoD: Infinite Warfare + Zombies should be fully playable
  • CoD: Modern Warfare Remastered should be fully playable
  • Soul Calibur VI no longer freezes at the main menu, should be fully playable
  • Borderlands 3 should be fully playable (including Markus intro)
  • Seven: Days Long Gone Enhanced Edition should be fully playable
  • Killer Instinct should be fully playable
  • Long Loading on Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor - Martyr fixed
  • Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding OOM crashes should now be fixed
  • Baldur’s Gate Vulkan renderer should work without issues now. (On AMD you will need the latest mesa drivers)
  • Skyrim Script Extender patch added - this should hopefully fix remaining issues with skse64 (untested but it does run)
  • Should contain most of the fixes from Proton-5.13 from Valve, if something is missing let me know in discord.

Proton Fixes:

  • fixed vcrun2019_ge not applying due to read only permissions within the prefix
  • removed zenity dependency from protonfixes. since the new steam runtime does not have zenity we cannot use it. This means if you have things like skyrim script extender, grim internals, or anything that previously asked you whether or not you wanted to use them, instead it will just automatically launch them instead of asking you.

Known Issues:

  • The build uses proton’s new runtime, which runs within a container, therefore all of the current Proton 5.13 issues also apply here.



  • Red Dead Redemption 2 still does not work. Unfortunately the syscall patches in current proton do not work with upstream wine.

  • Fullscreen hack is still currently disabled.
    Known mfplat+quartz issues:

  • Persona 4 is not working

  • Catherine Classic is not working

  • Black Ops III is not working

  • Injustice 2 cutscenes broken currently

  • Darksiders Warmastered Edition intro+cutscenes broken currently

Probably more stuff I forgot. There were a lot of updates and it took way longer than usual ;_;

Red Dead Redemption 2 still does not work. Unfortunately the syscall patches in current proton do not work with upstream wine.

Oh coooome on!! :confounded:

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