Linux For Everyone's opinion on the RX6000 release

Jason’s reactions, concerns, and some good news straight ahead in today’s video.
What I realized from this video is that most Linux users(Debian and Ubuntu really) won’t have the plug and play experience with these cards until 21.04. Of course, it doesn’t matter to us but someting to consider for new users of Linux.
Perhaps System76, a hardware manufacturer can come in and make some changes up-stream?

It will Linux! 6900XT :scream_cat:


Sure 1k$. No problem. Yes I know it’s cost effective compared to the nvidia

It is actually a “no brainer”. However even if you do enough 3d processing (games which this is targeted at) It’s not needed yet at this point in time. I agree this is a niche product.

I agree my RX590 is good enough and overkill for what I’m using it for.

The key is to buy an rx 5700xt for sale after these new cards releases


BTW anyone looking at getting an RX6000 series card one of AMDs new features “Smart Memory Access” is pretty simple and has been a feature in linux for years and is just new for Windows

Smart Access Technology works just fine on Linux. It is resizeable BAR support which Linux has supported for years (AMD actually added support for this), but which is relatively new on windows. You just need a platform with enough MMIO space. On older systems this is enabled via sbios options with names like “>4GB MMIO”.

Thats how i feel about my 5700xt, I outgrew the “GOTTA HAVE THE NEW” years ago and if what i have does what i want why would i waste money?

Because you can? :grin: I’ve been ‘sensible’ for years, but the current lockdowns and such got to me, and I built a system I don’t really need the capabilities of…(even has a separate video card for the first time since ATI days - maybe 15 years)

lol, you do you i guess :laughing:

I just buy what i need then use it till it explodes, but im assuming you havent built a system for a while then and built a nice system so i dont see an issue with that :+1:

(if not shame on you! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Shame on me, then! I’m not sure of the actual timing (I just went back to the previous machine and tried to track it - but I have changed distros soo often I am not sure which was oldest!) - but it is something like a year - now - since I bought a new machine for the ‘long haul’, using my usual criteria. In other words, not the top of the line, but not that far below it (Ryzen 5 2400G - 16Gb RAM, nvme + SSD + 4Tb spinner) - and with a clear upgrade path (AM4 socket).

With that machine working well, I have no excuse for adding another one (Ryzen 7 3700x, 32 Gb RAM, nvme gen4 1Tb + old 3 Tb spinner) of rather larger capability! Oh - and this time I needed to have a separate video card (Ryzen 7 has no integrated graphics) so I went with an RX-580. So I’d better not be thing about RX6000s, or Ryzen 9 5950x or… :grin:

Got to pay off few things first, anyway… (also unusual for me)

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good choice, avoid the growing pains of RDNA as its been pretty rough at times with Navi and Navi2 is not likely to be anything else tbh

Of course, if I didn’t LIKE being on the bleeding edge, would I run Arch-based distros? :grin: Why, they even let me pretend I know what I’m doing…

Will it work with VFIO or will it suffer from the reset bug like everything before.

That’s absolutely key for me as I run a VM with GPU passthrough.