Linux editor featherPad

hi there, good day dear Endeavour-Experts,

fairly new to EndeavouOS -

i have just installed EOS - and i am very happy.

now i am putting some additional things to the notebook:
what about the linux editor featherPad - this is not included - i think i need to add this

BTW- also i want to add the following things

a python environment


which methods - to add this?

i look forward to hear from you
Yours Otrott

Note: Vivaldi i allready have added - it runs like a charme.

yay -Syu featherpad vscodium jupyter-notebook filezilla libreoffice-fresh

Your system should already have a working Python environment.


@otrott, I hope you’re enjoying your journey on EndeavourOS.

You can search packages with this command in terminal:

pacman -Ss <package_name>

For example:

[triby@eos ~]$: pacman -Ss featherpad
# Output for that command
community/featherpad 1.1.1-1
    Lightweight Qt plain text editor

With that output you know that the package exists on repositories and can be installed:

[triby@eos ~]$: sudo pacman -S featherpad

Other way is to use yay as @dalto suggested in his answer, but, wait a minute, you can also use pacseek for search, select and install packages.

Very important: Before installing software, please be sure your system is up to date by executing yay (no parameters).

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while i want to run this command

yay -Syu featherpad vscodium jupyter-notebook filezilla libreoffice-fresh

i get back this respond


the system is not ready - there is something active - and “you have to wait”

What is aimed: i wanted to install filezilla - on the notebook…

What happens when you run sudo pacman -Syu first, then yay -S filezilla ?

reboot and try again, and if the same warning come sup remove the lock…

sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck

Do you have any package managers / gui package tools installed?