Linux communities

I like Arch and really, REALLY like EndeavourOS. is a great, new community. For those enjoying Linux communities, I thought I would share another: []

My motive is spreading word that Linux supporters are worldwide, although in one’s own neighborhood it can feel like you are somewhat isolated.

(hoping it is not poor etiquette to mention another site.) Cheers


Fortunately in my case, I live near and work in a large city (Philadelphia), so I found a Linux users group that meets once a month - and I’ve been making most of the meetings since I discovered the group earlier this year. Otherwise, though, you’re right: you feel like a really small minority as a Linux devotee IRL, but then you get online and find people from all over talking about it.

It’s one side pitty Lug’s here is in decline,atleast here in belgium :slight_smile: