Linux and constant learning

I’m an older type, which is not that uncommon these days (to my surprise), but I enjoy that I learn something about every day (retaining it may be another story).
In the last month, I’ve learned how to launch SDDM under kwin, to avoid having to start an X session for SDDM, resulting in less wasted memory and faster startup.
Last week, I decided to finally bit the bullet and stop using my home partition(s) for storage. I setup my new PC with a NTFS (because yeah Windows and ext4 don’t mix) storage area for files that are not limited to something going on with only one partition, landing there. Mainly stuff I download. Organization is somewhat foreign to me…but I’m liking it.
Today, I first used SSHFS (a fuse FS) to mount the storage of my file-server, with the assumption that I can stop using SFTP itself daily.

Maybe there’s value in sharing this sort of stuff, because if someone hadn’t, I’d have never tried the kwin/sddm stuff again after failing once.
I know not everyone is into the Plasma 6.0 release, but I’ve learned a lot from people on that thread as well
Thank you everyone for cross-pollinating!


As a Gen X’er I can say Linux is perfect for my Generation. We grew up just figuring things out so we are used to it :slight_smile:

I’ve used DE’s in the past and mess with one every now and again just to remind myself how much i dislike them :smiley:

This IMO is always a good move. Especially now with the cost of hard drives being so much cheaper than compared to just 10 years ago. We grew up with the saying don’t put your eggs all in one basket.

I have a few drives connected some I allow to boot with the system others I connect when needed. Not only does this help with Orginazation it makes things run faster as I don’t have to load up a home folder full of music, videos and other forms of media. I have a symlink in my homefolder to the drives I need to access the most and the others I just mount normally then unmount and put away when no longer needed. This helps keep data protected as its not always online like my Computer is.

No Maybe to it. There is definitely value in sharing all this stuff :wink:


Keep sharing! It will help others and then these others may start sharing their experiences, helping others, ad infinitum. :slight_smile:


Another Gen X here :wink:

Of course, you should share this kind of stuff and it’s a win win, because you share it to others BUT also, the work to write it clearly for other’s comprehesion will help you too to dig even deeper in this topics and masterize it even better, check best practice, etc … :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I thought about that…but hesitated to write out more unless someone expressed interest or had questions.

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Someone said in some topic here that sshfs is not being developed. The readme says the same thing, there is only a maintainer who has no capacity to fix bugs. I’m just curious, is there an alternative for sshfs?

EDIT: looked through the issues, didn’t see anything serious.

I didn’t read that. Well maybe i need to look for alternatives too!

I’ve have looked at the issues on their github, I think it’s okay to use, most of the issues come from less common setups.

This could be for a few reasons but one to think about is that maybe the project is where the developers thought it should be so its at its natural conclusion.