Links to some tutorials in the forum

both not finished to be 100% wiki ready (in my opinion), i’ll try to up my game and edit accordingly in upcoming weeks, if work won’t limit me too much :slight_smile:

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[Tutorial] How to Permanently Mount External/Internal Drives in Linux

Maybe this “Links” post should be pinned? It’s a great idea!

Guess I’ll have to read it to see - I never had any difficulty with that over the years (since 1993)…

If it looks good - it could ‘graduate’ into our Wiki…?


Actually, I was referring to this topic (Links to some tutorials in the forum), but still a good idea to do a Wiki on fstab.

The interactive nature of the forum “tutorials, questions, answers, and advice”… tutorials being the keyword here, should maybe have it own place? I really do learn a lot by reading the posts in a forum.

Been active with Linux since 2000… Still learning… even now.

It always sounds like a good idea - but it is hard to implement (and keep implemented!). Transferring the best of them to our own Discovery Wiki has worked out the best so far… Have you cruised through what we have there?

As for the ‘still learning’… I am too. The problem, however, is retaining what I learn these days! :older_man:

Yes… been through the Wiki. Haven’t read everything but will eventually.

Same here but for me it’s brain farts! :rofl: Have to keep rereading just to keep the old noggin functional!