Link Appimage package to taskbar

I have appimage Logseq in ~./appimage It opens fine, but I want to know how to get it on my task bar. Or, to create a symbolic link from that folder to /usr/share/applications.


Create a desktop file for it in ~/.local/share/applications or if you are using plasma, use “Edit Applications”(Right-click on the launcher) to do it for you.

Alternatively, install appimagelauncher which handles appimage integration for you.

You really shouldn’t touch the files in /usr/share/applications. Use ~/.local/share/applications instead.

SInce I plan to install a few more appimages, I will try this. To be sure I only see a package without hyphen. Is that the one you mean?

Yes, that is it.

Thank you @dalto
Now I recall installing this on Ubuntu back in the dark days. It took care of the integration, so I am sure it will work.

Would you suggest the git version?

What I like about AppImage is you can containerize it and have multiple versions.

I wouldn’t ever use the -git version of any package unless you have a specific reason to do so. That is generally the latest source code. Depending on the policies of the project in question you may be getting code that has little or no testing.

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No reason for it, good to know.

I am doing a clean install this week so I will steer clear of -git files.

You are a a wealth of knowledge. Maybe you should consider writing a Tips & Tricks book, it would sell well :moneybag:

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