Lightzone-git (AUR)

I’m having issues installing Lightzone-git from AUR. It goes throught the installation and when it comes to building the program with required dependencies javahelp2 it gives me the following error message in terminal: ==> Starting build()…
==> ERROR: No Java version information. Set MAKEPKG_JAVA_VERSION variable
in PKGBUILD or in the shell environment to a value that is accepted
by ant -Djavac.source and options (e.g. 1.8, 11, 17, 20, …)

I assume it needs to know where my Java info is stored and what version? Is this referring to Openjdk builds on my system? I dunno. . . .I’ve got jdk17 and jre17 Openjdk on my system and it’s asking me point in the direction where they are stored to facilitate installation? I’m ignorant in this type of software issues. Any help would be appreciated to get this running. I’ve got it on one machine running properly. On this machine it gives me this new error message.


It looks like the error is related to the Java version information not being specified during the build process of Lightzone-git from the AUR. You can try the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Edit PKGBUILD:
    Open the PKGBUILD file for Lightzone-git in a text editor. You can do this by running:

    nano /path/to/Lightzone-git/PKGBUILD
  2. Set Java Version:
    Find the lines that start with build() and add the following line within the build() function:


    Replace 17 with your desired Java version (in your case, it seems to be OpenJDK 17).

  3. Save the file:
    Save the changes and exit the text editor.

  4. Retry the installation:
    Try building and installing the package again using your preferred AUR helper. For example, if you are using yay:

    yay -S lightzone-git

This should set the MAKEPKG_JAVA_VERSION variable during the build process and resolve the error related to Java version information.

If the issue persists, or you encounter other errors, it might be helpful to check the comments on the AUR page for Lightzone-git to see if others have encountered similar issues and find possible solutions. You can also check the Arch Wiki for more information on building packages with specific Java versions.

Thankyou for your helpful response. . . .I’m going to get to work on this . . . . this evening to see what I come up with.

Rich :wink:

Checked the AUR Lightzone-git page and played around with solutions that were available . . . recompiled the program after downloading applying suggestions and received similar error messages, but without the Java issues. Went to github to see what was available there. . . over my head. I guess I’ll wait till someone fixes the issues down the road. . . .Programming is over my head. Watching the computer compile the software in terminal is all I can handle.

Rich :wink: Thanks for the help and suggestions.

Program now installs and works. Version 5.0beta2 . I had lensfun-git installed which I removed and used lensfun version in EndeavourOs repository. . . and the program now compiles, and works.