Lightdm freeze on login

The password entry freeze when I login with light DM since my weekly update.
− tty2 login work ;
− sudo pacman -S gdk-pixbuf2 : always issue ;
− libx11 1.8.1-3 downgrade doesn’t work ;
− when i restore with timeshift I can’t come back to a normal login ;
− If I choose another Display Manager (lxdm) I can log to my xfce session.

How can I login with lightdm again ?

Best regard

Are you using the webkit2 greeter?

If so, that seems to have some issues with the current versions of the libraries.

Try switching greeters.

There is an open bug report:

I use webkit2 theme. So I will use lxdm now then try to use my litarvan theme next week.
Thanks Dalto.

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