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Greetings Guys:
Hope this is a simple question with a quick answer :slight_smile: I am running EOS neo Atlantis version and have recently done away with my DE (XFCE) and wanted to reconfigure LightDM to run my Xmonad TWM which works fine. However, when removing lightdm it took the EOS (pretty screen) when XFCE was un-installed. I have the basic lightdm-gtk-greeter running and the new TWM loads fine. It is the base lightdm config though. The question is can I find the EOS greeter config someplace to replace the defaults as far as graphics and where the greeter box was located on XFCE install?


For the lightdm-gtk-greeter, install the following GUI

community/lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings  1.2.2-7        0.91 MiB       0.16 MiB

For the lightdm-slick-greeter, use the following from the AUR

 [Aur:1]  lightdm-settings-1.5.7-1

Both are GUI interfaces and are easy to figure out.



So set settings in gtk-greeter-settings and when lightdm boots, it flashes the screen (background image) I set but loads an older wallpaper from somewhere and uses that setting. I am running xmonad alone.

I need to know where another config could be coming from. Thanks.


Sorry, I have to pull a Sgt Shultz on this. “I know nothing” about configuration with xmonad.

Maybe one of the Window Manager users can help.

The only place I know where lightdm looks is
/etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf for gtk-greeter
/etc/lightdm/slick-greeter.conf for slick-greeter



:pray: i no use display manager, so little on subject. I hope this help.

or " yay -S eos-lightdm-slick-theme " if use EOS .

background find here " /usr/share/endeavouros/backgrounds/endeavouros-wallpaper.png "

Edit … great info here " "


This is now solved. I decided to run SDDM and set it up with the EOS theme when I went to Apollo last month and finally figured out the x11 problems on my old HP-Z400. I am moving to a newer Dell Precision WS (3620) which I bought just last week, excitement that it arrived today so I am needing a couple of parts to install my SSD I bought for the Dell and then off to transfer my exisiting EOS setup to a new install of EOS Apollo.

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