Liftoff for Discovery, go and explore your Endeavour

Discovery magazine is live!

Grab a mug of coffee, sit back and read the latest news we picked for you, community contributions, articles and app spotlights.

A special shoutout for @keith for designing the logo.

Today, by accident the articles got on the forum as well, this will not happen anymore.

You can visit Discovery over here:

Enjoy reading and if you have a suggestion on a new article, you can send me a pm.




Thank you, I am so sorry I forgot to mention you.

Well some of the articles need translations. I will pick a part of them for the french section :slight_smile:


Really, you don’t have to, it is a lot and it will be updated almost daily. But if you want to do it, Thank you so much!

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Congrats for the magazine :smiley:

Very interesting!

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Bravo for the magazine, a good idea that is real, I’m reading it. :rocket:

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I really like the it so far and i have only just skimmed an article. :enos:

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Welcome to the newly launched magazine, it contains interesting articles. :slight_smile: Are comments on articles automatically added to the forum section?

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At this moment that’s not the case. In order to make that happen, I have to autopost all the articles on the forum, like it does with the Endeavour articles.

I chose not to do that because

A. The forum get’s cluttered with Discovery’s articles
B. It would make Discovery redundant, since the complete articles also appear on the forum.