I installed filezilla.

while running it gives the following error:

filezilla: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

please help.

I would try installing the missing package dependency libtiff.

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Make sure you update your system whenever you install software or you can be a partial update scenario with mismatched library versions.


This should be reported upstream to the archlinux gitlab.

If filezilla depends on libtiff, it should be marked in “dependencies”.

It already is on the list via another dependency.

The likely issue here is that an update wasn’t performed so the version of libtiff installed didn’t match the version on the system.

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The “likely” issue that is probably correct doesn’t answer the dependency question/issue.

That is not how dependencies work in archlinux. If it is needed to run the app, it should be marked in “depends”.

Not by obscurely trust that a dependency has the libtiff dependency in its package.
Do you see how this becomes a fragile tree of dependencies?

Only if it is needed directly. There is no way from that one line of error to know if it is failing because filezilla is linked to it or if it is failing because the dependent library is failing to load libtiff.

You are right