Librewolf vs firedragon

i just like to see if anybody has used firedragon yet and what advantages it has over librewolf or if one prefers one over the other and why.

while i have read the original devs post about what firedragon does i havent seen that much of a difference other than the standard theme.

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Firedragon is still evolving, and as such is difficult to evaluate. My understanding of it, though, is that it adds additional usability to Librewolf - by theming, adding extensions, and patches. I am waiting for it to settle a bit, then going for an extended test. Nightly builds are a bit too ‘edgy’ for my use atm! :grin:


may i ask for whenever this tests happens that you might notify me? id be curious to know

I can’t get either one to play netflix, am I missing something? :face_with_head_bandage:

It should be quite soon - the maintainer has just done a first build against a ‘stable’ version… and is working on some final issues.

I don’t have Netflix on my ‘todo’ list, but I think it requires Widevine DRM manager (I think), which may not be present.


Yes you are missing something

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Thank you, that is now working, is there also something to make it remember the window size and position?

Not sure about that specifically, they use special anti-tracking umbrella setting used by TOR, which include some important stuff as well as that…

You should ask in their chat

devilspie2 is doing the job :slight_smile:

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