Librewolf session restore

I have enabled opening tabs from last session, as well as preserving history and download history. I even went as far as creating an overrides file in the .librewolf folder with those default prefs, yet when I quit then reopen Lw all of the open tabs from the previous session are gone.

Any suggestions?

About your preference regarding LibreWolf, there is something written by @keybreak here :

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Thank you for that. I already had those settings @keybreak suggests there, but unfortunately they don’t solve the problem.

Amazingly, Firedragon does not have that problem, even with privacy.clearOnShutdown.history set to true !!
Go figure.

Currently, I do not use FireDragon on my PC.

I was not aware of this feature in LibreWolf, as I am not intended to use this. But, in order to look for your issue, I stumbled upon these.

Thanks !! :innocent:

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Thanks for looking around for me. The Librewolf wiki also has a solution, although it does not mention the possibility, though it seems that is set to 3 by default.

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