Librewolf is infected clean with McAfee?

Thanks everyone. I thought I had Librewolf locked down, but perhaps not.

I also realized that once in a while I would come in and my computer had woken from sleep mode. Definitely something snooping around. Maybe it’s one of those FF extensions. I just found a cool one that highlights text on website pages. I hope that one didn’t mess anything up.

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You could have one or several test profiles to try things out. Different configurations, hardening, extensions etc. and then when something is fully tested and trusted then apply it to your more “serious” profiles. The test profiles are disposable so if they get badly messed up you can just delete them.


That’s a great point cuz despite having had sync enabled, I lost all my tabs. That’s a lot productivity and research down the drain.

I’ll start looking into profiles more.

Damn, computers and the internet were so much easier to use even if we could do less. I’m not sure I would have traded it naiveness for this mess :slight_smile:

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These sort of messages are usually not real companies, but fake scams with those cute fake windows 10 styled windows :rofl:

Suggestion: don’t accept notifications, anywhere.

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Just use Firefox. :wink:

I never do :slight_smile:

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