LibreOffice, Krusader having trouble

Dear all,

I’m not sure where to put this post, because more than 1 component seems to be involved: Budgie / Cinnamon, Krusader, LibreOffice.

  1. When I use the file-manager Krusader and double-click an ODT-file, a window “Open With - Krusader” opens, where the drop down usually offering all installed apps is empty. When I right-click the file, the “Open With” entry is missing in the context menu.
  2. When Opening a LibreOffice dcument, the app’s icon shows up in the task bar. I then “Favourite” it by clicking the star. This should bind the icon and the app behind it to the task bar. When I close the LO app (calc, writer etc.), the icon vanishes and is replaced by an icon commonly used to show that there is something broken. A click on it doesn’t start the LO app but the LO launcher showing all recently used files as previews.

I tend to suppose that there must be a bug in LO. Has anyone experienced this and knows a solution? Is there a config file where I could change things for the better?


You have two urelated issues here. Please create a separate thread for each.

The first one is something I have a fix for now. The other will require some troubleshooting.

Please view this thread on how to fix it:

Krusader isn’t the problem. The problem is using a KDE-based app outside of KDE. But what I outlined will fix the issue.

Thanks a lot, but that causes me to move over to gnome-commander. I moved away from KDE years ago but took Krusader always with me. So, today is the day…

I see. Well, either way the issue has been solved, so please mark either my fix or your switch to gnome-commander as the solution and close this thread.

Alas, after playing around with several 2-paners I see, there’s no real replacement for Krusader. So, I followed your advice and everything works as expected again. Tanks a lot, ddn!

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Yeah, I started using Krusader recently, and it really is a great dual-pane file manager. Never liked any of the others myself.

PS: For issue no. 2, you may open another thread to see if someone can find a solution for it.

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