Libreoffice-fresh bug

In libreoffice-fresh writer “insert from a file” (“inserer depuis un fichier”) does not work : nothing is inserted.

Did you mean “Insert → Text from file…”?

Never needed it before. :wink: But I can reproduce the issue…with LibO from on siduction. :wink:

At .txt: “Read Error: Error reading file.” (Bullshit.)
With .odt apparently nothing happens.

Inserting an image as a file happens without any problems.

I guess you’ll have to go over c&p. And create a bug report if there isn’t one yet.

Yes “insert -> Text from file” (sorry)
I go to verify in libreoffice bugs.

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Here is the result of insert "text from file" query in LibreOffice bug tracker:"insert"&value1-0-0=text%20from%20file&value1-0-1=text%20from%20file&value1-0-2=text%20from%20file&value1-0-3=text%20from%20file&value1-0-4=text%20from%20file&value1-0-5="text%20from%20file"


Not a lot of answers, indeed.

Closed as duplicate of this bug:

If I understand what is going on, this bug is going to be an old story for next 6.3.x release.