Libnss-mysql needed

I am migrating my server from Debian to EndeavourOS because I want o get rid of the cycling version upgrades which are making more or less trouble - but there is ALWAYS trouble… I am stepping forward but now I am stuck at a needed application… My server uses customer panel for managing their webspace/mail-accounts (Froxlor). Webserver is apache2 and php is integrated via php-fpm and modproxy. Now I need implementation of virtual users because php-fpm depends on this using Froxlor. This is done in Debian with libnss-mysql - but I cannot find this for Arch in the repos or the AURs. Is it different naming? Or is it mising (I cannot believe…)?

does this help?:

$yay nss sql
1 aur/authpgsql 0.6.1-1 (+1 0.00%) 
    A NSS library to authenticate users against postgresql.

If not, and you need mysql, you could check libnss-mysql’s readme page and see how you can manually install the library from source:
Seems pretty straightforward.

Mysql is needed - I will build it from source. Not such a big procedure.