Libinput older than 19 not working

I don’t have an option to test it on multiple hardwares unfortunately. Because of touchpad behavior any version newer than 1.16 is unusable for my touchpad. When I downgrade the package to anything older than from 1.19 line after reboot keybaord and touchpad doesn’t work at all.
Could anyone give it a try?

That’s the nature of a rolling distro, packages get constantly updated. And since dependencies of those packages require them to be a certain version, things break if you downgrade.

What is most likely happening here is that you current version of Xorg depends on a new version of libinput, and your hardware is “unusable” (whatever that means, you have not defined it) on a new version. That’s a problem, and it is quite likely that there is no elegant solution for it.

As far as I can think of, you have these options:

  1. switch to a fixed release distro (like Debian stable), and keep the old versions of everything,
  2. learn to live with the new version of libinput (maybe there is some setting you don’t know about?)
  3. get a custom, modified version of libinput (maybe there’s one in the AUR?)
  4. report a bug with libinput that there is a regression that renders your hardware “unusable”.

Found the solution. There seems to be a link between how far you can go with libinput version with the newest xf86-input-libinput. Downgrading both works fine. So it’s not related at all to EndeavourOS.

This is most likely just a temporary solution. Expect things to break as packages get updated in the future. You can’t just downgrade everything on a rolling distro, it is going to break at some point.

Now you’re keeping the older versions of libinput and xf86-input-libinput. Next, you’re going to have to downgrade something that depends on those, as it breaks. And then you’ll have three or four downgraded packages, which will break other packages, and this will get worse exponentially as you downgrade more and more packages.

Sure. I can just hope it will not happen. Unfortunately I seem to be alone with my touchpad issue so I have no hope resolving that with future updates.

That depends on the nature of your issue, which you have not said anything about.

The proper way to fix this is to figure out how to use the latest libinput and still have satisfactory user experience. That’s in line with the nature of rolling distros, you always have the latest versions of everything, and you deal with that fact as updates change stuff. If that is not something you’re comfortable with, it’s a better idea to use a fixed release distro.

I kind of agree but choosing different distro because of the fact I have 1 device with issues is kind of weird. I mean at some point fixed release distro will also use newer version of libinput as stable and possible catch up on other things that I might have encounter on rolling distro.
The fact that I chose to ignore these 2 packages doesn’t automatically mean I don’t deal with other problematic packages and just keep ignoring everything that seem to cause some issues. It means that in this particular case that’s the only thing I found to help.
The issue with touchpad is that the tap-and-drag enhancements from libinput 1.17 version causes my toughpad to register some releases of finger as a click. For example if i right click on the link on the browser and point the cursor to a place where the ‘open in new tab’ place it opens it without waiting for me to click it - the release of a finger counts as a click even if there was a lot more time and movement to be even considered a possibility to be registered as a click. Behavior stops when the tap-and-drag option is disabled witch I’m not willing to disable as it block me from doing too much things I happen to use. I tried to maybe find a workaround by playing with pressures but libinput shows Device does not have ABS_PRESSURE or ABS_MT_PRESSURE.