Libadwaita-testing orphaned, but many applications depend on it

So after last few updates, the terminal has been prompting me that

earching AUR for updates...
 -> Orphaned AUR Packages:  libadwaita-testing
 there is nothing to do

But of course multiple applications use it as a dependency, such as gnome-bluetooth, gnome-calendar, nautilus and more.

Did I miss something regarding this particular update? I have been trying to find something about this on the Arch wiki, but haven’t found anything concrete yet.
Am I supposed to change to a different libadwaita package?

Install the normal libadwaita. You shouldn’t need to use the testing version in normal circumstances. When you install that, it should automatically remove libadwaita-testing

It just means that currently there is no active maintainer for the package.


Someone may “adopt” the package, and become the new maintainer for it. Or maybe not.

Is there a specific reason you are using the testing version of the package (which is an AUR package)? There is a “regular” libadwaita package in the Arch repos, and it looks like it’s the same version (ver 1.2.0-1).

EDIT - @dalto was a few seconds faster - and less verbose :laughing:.


I am guessing that some package I got needed the testing, but will change to regular libadwaita, thank you for this.

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