Lets talk about xmonad

What do you think about xmonad and share your desktops and configs,
and your opinion

Tried it, too complex for me. My order of preference for configuration and workflow:


I would use qtile because of python but have some difficulties in dual monitor configuration and the way it handles/moves workspaces/groups.

Haskell is a really bad programming language. Sure, the pure functional paradigm is interesting, but it does not make for a good general purpose programming language. In addition, it’s runtime system is very slow and inefficient.

And that’s my only problem with xmonad. Otherwise, it’s alright, I guess.

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I have been eyeing xmonad for quite some time. I use Amethyst on my work Mac. I had been using xpytiles in the meantime. Finally had time to make a cut over, and am quite impressed.

While I expand my keybindings and learn a little Haskell, I’m interested in fixing two issues:

  1. xmobar is launched via SpawnPipe in my main method - this causes an extra xmobar to be launched when I restart. I’d like to find a workaround or a replacement.

  2. I’d love my mouse pointer to end up in the middle of a window when I switch to it. I was looking at UpdatePointer, but haven’t made any progress yet. Researching model config files of others, I still can’t figure it out yet.

xmonad Community Edition /when ?

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I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I’ve found it rather hard to config Xmonad. Haskell isn’t really easy to use. There are 85 ways to do things, but way #43 won’t work with way #20.

I started out with the Xmonad config file. That worked, but I think it’s old. I started to build onto it and things went way south quick.

I then tried Distrotube’s config, which is huge. I cut out the extra screens (I only have 1), and replaced his favorite apps with mine. It starts, but I can hang Xmonad within about 2 minutes. Maybe graphics? Or a bug? No easy way to tell. I almost gave up on it.

Tonight I started a new config, and brought over many pieces of Distrotube’s config. I’ll call it “lite” config - it works, it looks pretty good, but not all the bells and whistles.

I don’t have the galleries, or notebooks, or the window when you move to a new screen. I’ve got trayer only showing on one screen. It works though, and I have to do some clean up.

Now what I’d like to see in a future EOS, would be a tool that could set up any major WM (i3, bpswm, qtile, leftwm, xmonad, dwm, awesomewm) and with a click and a logout/login, you’d be in using it with a good, easy config and a one pager on how to not die. :slight_smile:

As for me, I’m going to add Polybar and Rofi to my ToDo to check out, over xmobar and trayer.