Let's ride the storm together

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The world is turned upside down at the moment and this situation confronts us all with our deepest fears and anxiety.

I know what you are thinking right now, after reading my opening line, why am I kicking in a door that is so obviously wide open? Of course, I know you’re aware of the situation in the world and I’m not trying to pull you deeper into the world of doom and gloom. No, the purpose of this post is quite the opposite.

Hey, I have a life in the real world

The internet is interwoven with our lives for some time now and besides the essential functions the net offers us, we also use it intensively in our spare time.

Even though we love visiting our favourite online hangout places, we also have developed a love-hate relationship with them. In fact, the internet has a daunting and almost fearsome reputation as far as commenting on social media and forums goes.

Usually, most of us can put nasty or almost toxic behaviour beside us because, hey, I have a life in the real world, so sod it! Unfortunately, that sort of reasoning doesn’t cut it these days.

Due to the restrictions and measurements, most of us have to live by, our online presence has become very vital in our social interaction.

Detox the internet

We are facing the mother of challenges worldwide, by limiting social physical contact. This is a tough endeavour (pardon the pun) we have to endure, but instead of focussing on the downside, why not search for the opportunity to make the most out of this situation?

Streaming services are a substitute for going to the cinema for now, so why not make your favourite online hangout places the substitute for the local pub or coffee bar?

I think, by treating those places with the same respect and fun you’re giving to your favourite coffee bar or pub, you’ll discover the internet isn’t that toxic at all.

Let’s take this opportunity and detox the internet where you can, we all certainly are in need of a laugh and some fun in times like this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not proposing to plaster all your comments and messages with unicorns, rainbows and multi-coloured jolly leprechauns. (But it doesn’t harm anyone if you do that once in a while…)

So, when you’re done working, reading the news headlines and when you have enough researching the internet on the Coronavirus, go to your favourite hangout place and unwind for a while and always keep it in the back of your mind that we’re all in the same boat.

This way we can fight the circumstances, the Coronavirus is causing, as a solid front together.

At this moment we can’t beat the virus, but we can beat our mental well being by detoxing the internet together.

Keep safe and healthy and let’s ride this storm together!


Very well said. Our whole world has been turned upside down, and physical isolation is the only current solution. No vaccine will be available for at least 18-24 month. Keep yourself healthy, read a book or praise the Internet, play a game (yay Steam!), or binge that show you put off watching.

We’ll get through this, which has and will change the world more than 9/11 or Katrina, or all of the other localized disasters :sob:, and unlike climate change, has come to us all of a sudden. All we need to do is to be intelligent, and avoid obvious risks.


Romanian translation is on.


Wise words @Bryanpwo.



Heard a report that there are no new covid 19 cases today in China.

Doctors in Thailand have been successful in treating Coronavirus. Combination of drugs used: Lopinavir, Retonovir, Oseltamivir along with Chlorphenamine.

Scientists in Israel likely to announce the development of a coronavirus vaccine.


This is such a great community and I appreciate this post, @Bryanpwo . Today begins what I hope is a short quarantine for my family. One of my daughters was tested for COVID-19 this afternoon and the doctor suggested that we all hole up until the results are in (four to five days). While we all see this as an opportunity to spend more time together and hang out as a family, it is also going to be a period of more internet usage. I have been attempting to spread positive thoughts and soothe the fears of others since this outbreak blew up, but the sad truth is that people are truly scared right now; if for no other reason than the unknown factor of all of this.

I hope that the friendliness, helpfulness and concern for others on this forum and a few others will begin to spread as much as the fear and darkness that is so prevalent on the internet right now.

“Ride The Storm Together”. I like that. As a musician I may borrow that idea for a new song :grin:

God bless the EOS team and its community.


I hope your daughter is okay and you all stay isolated for up to 14 days if you can. I know that the results are taking too long and this causes a lot of anxiety also. In Canada we have a lot of shutdown and self isolation going on right now. I work in the school system and it is shut down now for March break and then for 2 more weeks after when they will re-evaluate the situation. So i am out for 3 weeks and i am only going out for necessities such as food and medications if needed.



I wish you and you’re family all the best this period. Even though the circumstances aren’t ideal, I really do see around me that everyone isn’t taking life for granted now.

As you already mentioned, this situation also gives us the opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones and friends on another level.

When or if you’re finished with your song, don’t forget to share it over here, I’m quite curious for the end result.


Very well said @Bryanpwo… I could have not said it better! :slight_smile:
I am 66 and stay at home most of the time as I live alone so this is all most SOP for me!
I pray that everyone stays safe and Chill it is going to be OK!
God Bless Everyone!


These are frightening times to be sure. I am on the east-coast USA and we have shelter in place orders here. Getting supplies is increasingly hard, members of my family are high-risk, so that’s nerve wracking. Hoping we all can get back to normal ASAP. It does help me to know we are ALL dealing with this together. Linux fiddling does help me sane I’ll admit. lol :laughing:


Another day in WQ …
I do send some power and strength to all of us!