Let us commemorate Yom HaShoah

On 27 Nisan in the Hebrew calendar, which falls roughly between the nights of April 7th and 8th in the Gregorian calendar, Yom HaShoah is observed in the state of Israel. It is the commemoration day for the hundreds, thousands, millions of Jews (although I take it to also respect other people, such as Poles) that died during the Shoah (Holocaust); the Hebrew “Yom HaShoah” is composed of
“yom יום” - day
“ha ה” - the
“shoah שואה” - holocaust

Let us take a moment to respect those who lived through this horrible time and have fallen, and strive to be better as a species.

יהי שלום על נפשם.

It is important to remember such things, because if we do not, one day humanity will be so desperate as to do these sorts of things again.


Huh? Other people? Jews are not a nation, not even a special geneology but in principle Palestinians with their own belief system. And Jews from Poland are Jews, same as Russian or German or Dutch or Portuguese or Jews from wherever. Why are you making a destinction were there is none?

@codic12 and @Orca , Please, let´s not enter in politics here. I live in Israel and here the question “Who is a Jew” is still to be defined by the Knesset (our Congress)… IIt´s a complex topic. To be a Jew is for some a Faith, for others a belonging to a People, a Nation… No easy answer. Like Buddhism, it can be Religion, but also a Philosophy.
So let´s just agree that Holocausts are to be avoided, as hate. No matter to who related. And let´s just envoy EndeavourOS and help each other. OK ? Great !


As a German I’m living with this guilt. I won’t forget.

For those who have not spent decades studying such things… here are some materials that might prove of interest. They are free but extensive:

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Okay, this thread hasn’t escalated yet but let’s focus on the purpose of this forum. A place where everyone can find technical support and have some fun and discussion without getting too deeply political. :wink: