Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th Gen

I’m going to be in the possession of one of these robust office laptops soon.
On the lovely arch wiki it does say that all the functions work. And after a fair amount of reading I do have a wee list of things to do once I put EOS on it such as battery life improvements and fixes to anything that might not work out the box.

But im a) an idiot and b) not super sure what EOS provides out the box vs arch here. Will most or all of these settings be inplace already? You see, a bunch of the fixes and suggestions from the internet are from and for Ubuntu or a fresh arch install (mostly ubuntu tbh). If there is anything to be made aware pls let me know.
Once I am up and hopfully running Ill ask more relevent questions (if any) or edit into here fixes that I do for EOS (again, if any) for the sake of sakeyness.

My x1 3rd gen worked without a hitch. I just looked and your x1 6th gen has nearly the same processor options and integrated intel 620HD graphics. It should be a wonderful experience for you on Endeavour.

I don’t know what you mean by what does EOS provide out of the box vs Arch? You can see all packages upon install. fstrim and some very basic things will also be setup. Bluetooth will not be.

You asked if these settings would be in place. . . batterly life imporvements and fixes? No. Endeavour is a starting point distro. It will not know specifically what your “improvements” would be, as they may or may not be the same for another with the same computer. You will need to do whatever it is you deem “extra” for your laptop.

good to hear! :slight_smile:
thanks for clarifying. An adventure into battery and intel software management files never hurt anyone anyway.

Let me know what you find. I’ve never done any battery or other tweaking that I know of on my t480s, it would likely apply to me too. It’s been going strong for almost a year a half now on my computer. I don’t really nkow how long the battery is, but I would say easily 4+ hours, although that seems low. It’s really hard to tell since I’m rarely working all that far from an outlet.

TLP would be a good place to start for extending battery life (if it’s not already included, I didn’t check).

I would love to hear your experience after you’ve gone through the install.

Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th Gen

This is exactly the laptop that I have. And it works fine. Special keys for audio or brightness work out of the box. Hibernation/suspend is not issue. I love this laptop!


When you bought it, was :enos: compatibility a consideration?

Yes, it was. In fact it was key to my decision. Lenovo fully supports Linux on the majority of their devices.

Lenovo is committed to providing our customers with information to assist in utilizing the Linux operating system on various personal computing systems. The information below provides hardware compatibility for each Linux distribution.

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uh oops, they sent a different laptop lol… here is the forum. sorry for fake hype. But it’s actually here now :wink: