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hi guys,

i installed endeavouros on my lt and it worked fine but when the lt is connected to the docking station the monitor stays black. the monitor is recognized by the system. do i have to install something?

besides that i want the lt to be closed when i work. must is set something for this wish?

i hope you can help me out.

kind regards


How is the docking station connected to the laptop and how is the monitor connected to the docking station? Is the docking staion a lenovo product?

Post the url for hardware

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

hi there ricklinux,

yeah its a lenovo dockingstation. lt and dockingstation are connected via usb-c and the monitor is connected via dp to the docking station.

the external keyboard and mouse works just fine. (its also connected to the dockingstation.)

so its only the monitor who has “problems”.

kind regards

update: you can close the thread. found another solution.


Can you just explain the solution?

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You may need a higher wattage power input.

yeah sure. i will first use it as a vm. after i am more into the command shell i’ll decide if i am use it daily as my local os.

have no patience for this kind of root problems at the start.

kind regards

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