Leafpad editor usage

While launching leafpad, the terminal emulator is starting. If terminal emulator closed, Leafpad also closing simultaneously. Any correlation between them.

Not normally. I would suspect that the leafpad.desktop file has an unusual entry for terminal. Here are the main contents of the leafpad.desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Simple text editor
Exec=leafpad %f

It seems likely that Terminal=true has been set in yours. Don’t know if you’re familiar with editing .desktop files so here’s a terminal command to do it:

sudo leafpad /usr/share/applications/leafpad.desktop

and see if that’s the problem - and correct it to Terminal=false if so…

If that isn’t the problem, we’ll have to investigate further!

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I have inspected the property, open termination option is checked state. Now i have unchecked and opening without opern/close terminal .

Another help required. how to run Leafpad editor with root permission. I have to edit etc/fstab but not able to do due to root permission.

sudo leafpad
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