Latex missing font: "mktextfm ptmr7t"

how can install the missing font?

pddflatex main.tex 
This is pdfTeX, Version 3.141592653-2.6-1.40.26 (TeX Live 2024/Arch Linux) (preloaded format=pdflatex) restricted \write18 enabled.
entering extended mode
LaTeX2e <2023-11-01> patch level 1
L3 programming layer <2024-02-20>

LaTeX Warning: You have requested document class `ieeecolor',
               but the document class provides `IEEEtran'.

Document Class: IEEEtran 2002/11/18 revision V1.6b by Michael Shell
-- See the "IEEEtran_HOWTO" manual for usage information.
-- The source comments contain changelog notes.
kpathsea: Running mktextfm ptmr7t
mktextfm: Running mf-nowin -progname=mf \mode:=ljfour; mag:=1; ; nonstopmode; input ptmr7t
This is METAFONT, Version 2.71828182 (TeX Live 2024/Arch Linux) (preloaded base=mf)

kpathsea: Running mktexmf ptmr7t
! I can't find file `ptmr7t'.
<*> ...ljfour; mag:=1; ; nonstopmode; input ptmr7t
Please type another input file name
! Emergency stop.
<*> ...ljfour; mag:=1; ; nonstopmode; input ptmr7t
Transcript written on mfput.log.
grep: ptmr7t.log: File o directory non esistente
mktextfm: `mf-nowin -progname=mf \mode:=ljfour; mag:=1; ; nonstopmode; input ptmr7t' failed to make ptmr7t.tfm.
kpathsea: Appending font creation commands to missfont.log.

! Font OT1/ptm/m/n/10=ptmr7t at 10.0pt not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not foun
<to be read again> 
l.834 \normalfont

Thanks in advance

Resolved with

sudo pacman -Syu texlive-meta

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