Latest update breaks steam games launched with Proton

it seems that the following packages that I updated today broke the games initialization from proton (steam play), does anyone have the same problem?
everything was fine before updating today!


No cached sticky mapping in ActivateActionSet.No cached sticky mapping in ActivateActionSet

fix: downgrade of the packages working fine!!

I am not at a linux machine at the moment but I use steam and proton and will update a bit later in the day. If you don’t mind i am going to edit the title of your post for easier reading and search function for others that may be having this same issue.


This is happening for me too. Seems any vulkan-using game, not just proton, is affected. I’ve tried Artifact 2.0 beta and Rocket League, for example, both fail.
Team Fortress 2, however, (OpenGL), works fine.

and with proton-ge ? (aur)