Latest endeavorOS update prevents my wayland/KDE from coming up on screen

Hey guys have a dual GPU system. and its been working great for months. However the latest update made my system never come up on screen on the monitor. It keeps blinking/freshing a black screen over and over on my monitor. I have two monitors. they both do it. Boot from live CD works no problem.

the system is a AMD 5700G with integrated AMD vega graphics.
I have a Nvidia 3070 descrete graphics card set to VFIO. and no nvidia drivers loaded.

Monitors are connected to my AMD displayports on the motherboard.

Again this was working just fine a few days ago until i updated and rebooted my computer.

I am struggling to fix it since when i boot into single user mode because it does not start my network card and i have no internet.

my guess is either its an AMD driver update issue maybe i should roll that back. or some kind of wayland plasma issue. Like maybe its trying to boot the display at a high refreshrate?

I can get into single user mode but have no networking. What should i do to troubleshoot. journalctl -XB i don’t see any display errors.

ok I set single user mode to level 2 in grub config so i have internet now.

AMD drivers come integrated with the Kernel right? so there is no way to downgrade the AMD drivers unless i go to an older kernel? is that correct?

I was able to start wayland plasma directly by running
dbus-run-session startplasma-wayland

and it works fine.

So that mean there must be something wrong with my login screen thats not loading. :frowning: and making it freak out my displays.

have you checked in journallog and sddm.log ?

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So i the blinking screen issue is related to lightdm. I guess i am just evaluating which display login manager i want now.

Seems SDDM is the best maintained one. so for compatibility with wayland and in my case KDE plasma. it would make more sense to use that i guess.

I was lightdm when i original used xfce and xorg previously and i never changed it. except switching to wayland and KDE plasma later on.

What does everyone here recommend? Any reason to stay on lightdm? Everyone makes a big fuss over lower dependancies and resources which i guess lightdm is “lighter” than SDDM?

But SDDM is more maitained and integrated into KDE. and is probably better supported in wayland.

sddm is the default display manager for KDE.
I would try switching to sddm and see if it resolves the issue. That is if the display manager is the issue here.