Last visit

Maybe i’m alone in that…But it’s so unnecessary and annoying…can we get rid of it? :upside_down_face:

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While it was a little jarring at first, I actually find it quite useful when you come back to the forum after being absent for a period of time.

It is a little annoying when you are constantly on the forum but I suspect most of our members don’t live here all day long but pop-in from time to time.




However, I have a suggestion: can you leave the marker for updated threats (dwindling bright purple color underlay) a little longer? By the time you’ve scrolled to the end there (if there are many), that marker has already disappeared. It would be easier to find ALL updated treats. “Last vist” goes somehow in this direction, but does not bring the desired.

Well i don’t know, because once you go to forum thread or PM - you’ll be pointed to exact post that you’ve missed things from…That’s just pointless red thing! :upside_down_face:

That is what this fixes. That line now stays there:


I think I’m seeing double? Twins?

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Are you referring to the “last visit” in the list of threads (topics)? That has been around for a while.

A “last visit” now appears inside of threads, and that is something new.

If you are referring to the new “last visit” inside of threads, I agree with you.



I like it. Easier to keep track of where you logged out.

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What I do not like instead is this:


I always click tab once and then type password. Which makes me click on it often instead.

I’m okay with it. Except I hate the colour. It’s jarring and does not fit with the rest of the forum. I would prefer a more subdued colour, one that fits better with the theme of the site. A shade of grey perhaps, or a gentle lavender purple.

I would also be happy with green, because green is the best colour ever (and it would match my avatar). :frog:

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There are so many things wrong with Discourse, the badges are my main gripe, though they have settled down now I have been here for a while. This is a technical support forum, not Faceberk.


I’m still don’t understand this last visit line. I see it but it doesn’t move if i come and go?

It thinks you’re not bright enough to understand that it’s first time you’ve read something, then it’s gone :rofl:


That line is insulting!!! :cold_face:
Who are you talking with, you stupid line?!?! :rage:

Come on… humor me!

You see where you were last in the thread if you left it and come back. If anyone has written new!

It doesn’t make any sense to me? I come and i go. I read different posts. I come back and line is the same place. :thinking:

Edit: I’m dumb! I have to reload the page? :roll_eyes:

It moves if you reload the page.

It’s not you dumb, it’s the freaking line!
It just want to insult you and me by saying you don’t know what you haven’t read :joy:

I just tried that and it doesn’t work. Do i have to log out and back in?

Edit: I logged out and back in. Line is still in the same place and i have perused lots of posts. So it’s stuckded! :rofl: