Laptop sometimes fails to shut down

I’ve been facing failed shutdown and reboots every once in a while in Plasma. I saw that there are some older posts like this, but all of them are on Wayland. I’m on X11.

journalctl -b -1 doesn’t seem to have any clues either. I’ll post it here when I encounter it next. Is it a known thing, and is there a fix?

Also, maybe this is related, maybe not. My laptop sometimes fails to wake up from hibernation, especially when it goes into hibernation automatically due to inactivity while sleeping.

Edit: So I managed to trigger it. This time I pulled out the power cable, but it does happen on AC power as well. Anyway, here are the logs. (Also, eos-sendlog isn’t working for me for whatever reason. It simply refuses to give any output at all.)

do you have problems shutting down from the command line?

Yeah, it’s the same. Happens rarely, that’s why I’ve been unable to post a log as of yet. Tried rebooting 5-6 times since posting (edit: posted now).