Laptop save state of touchpad

Welcome! I want to ask a dumb question about my laptop’s touchpad and keep it state after a reboot. By saving, I mean: my laptop has an Fn button and I can turn off the touchpad, but after a reboot it turns back on and I need to press Fn + F6 again. I know it’s not a lot of action, but can I save its state for config or something? Thanks for the answers!
KDE Plasma and X11 display server

More information is needed.

  1. Which DE are you using?
  2. What display server? X11? Wayland?

If you want to disable touch pad at boot, it is possible to do it via the xinput command if you are using X11. You just have to add the command to your startup scripts. How you do that depends on your environment.

I’m using KDE Plasma and X11, sorry for not specifying

If you are using KDE Plasma, you should be able to do this using the GUI. If you disable to touchpad in your System Settings, won’t the setting be remembered the next time you boot?

Oh! Yes I turn it off and it remember it. Thanks!

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